Lesson Learned #2: Daily Intellectual Consumption and Inspiration

Started at 2:00AM this morning, stopped at 4:30AM for a sleep and woke up at 11:30AM for sharing (blogpost). Shared them on various social media platforms (LinkedInTwitterGoogle+) and its time for the round-up.

Lesson learned

  1. Develop white-paper and let the user download it while you are collecting their email addresses. They are pre-qualified leads and sending them email seems like an effective channel of marketing.
  2. Test the interviewee on practical basis where you can see live how this person is solving the problem we are proposing to them. For a designer, you can give them theme or what kind of communication problem you are trying to solve with visualization. Let them have the laptop and let them fire up Photoshop, see if he is awesome enough to be part of your team.
  3. Be careful with old-school businessperson or politician who are trying to take the captain post of our business. They dont understand startup and how to run them at this century. Ask them about MVP, ask them about iteration, ask them about pivot and ask them about customer discovery, what they understand? Ask them about crossing the chasm in technology marketing which is crucial to the success of the project. If they can answer this, then they are right. If otherwise, stay away from them.
  4. For me to conduct a workshop, i must be really good at conveying my idea and presenting it in the most engaging way. Once I’m good at it, i am able to influence and simultaneously market myself as expert. And that’s a big shot.
  5. Few ministers in Malaysia i have came across have the mind of entrepreneur and want to do something good for this intelligent community however, politics are dynamic and tough to manage. Few ministers have shown interest in our project as well therefore i hope this could also be a starting point for me to crack the code for the government sector on how to run lean. My objective, lets crack department-specific government sector first.

For (new age) entrepreneurs, it is very important for you guys to listen to start-up thought leaders. If you missed out key information about building start-up it wont harm you but imagine if you are equipped with knowledge that is mostly valuable (and actionable) to your start-up, isn’t it an advantage? 3 of the most important startup thought leaders in my opinion is Steve Blank who invented customer discovery and Eric Ries who invented MVP and Paul Graham the most respected private angel. These are people you could read on daily basis and what they are teaching you, worth more than you can imagine.


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